Aliter Group  





  - In house engineering team with extensive and proven experience world wide
  - Detailed analysis of the project, proposing solutions and construction techniques
    to improve plant performance and minimize cost.
  - Careful selection of materials and components
  - Determining the optimum layout
  - Detailed design of the plant: civil, mechanical and electrical
  - Design of evacuation facilities
  - Complete management of documents
  - Bill of Quantities (BoQ)
  - Technical specifications
  - Quality and Health & Safety Plan

  - Àliter works only with leading brands such as European and Chinese. All of them of
     renowned quality, service and recognized by financial institutions.
  - We carry out strict quality controls in all components, such as at source or on site, and
     in the conditions of transport and deliveries.

  - Our engineers are specialists in the management of projects and manage all the
     works according to the executive project specifications and requirements and to the
     quality plan.
  - Works are managed by establishing strict controls for compliance of deadlines,
     costs and quality of execution.
  - A part of our staff, we have agreements with integrators of sound reputation.

Thanks to these solid foundations, Àliter Group gives its clients the maximum guarantees of the executed works and performance, PR, of the plant.