Aliter Group  


Operation & Maintenance



The continuous monitoring and auditing of plants are the key points to maximize power generation and profit from the investment.
Our extensive experience the solid background of our staff and our geographical distribution allows us to offer the following services O&M:

 • Initial diagnosis of the state of the plant.
   - Full audit of the plant and PR determination.
   - Status Report and proposed corrective actions.
   - Weather station implementation.
   - Implementation of alarm and security systems.

 • Preventive and corrective maintenance of the facility policy.
   - Regular cleaning of the modules using the most advanced devices on the market.
   - Complete electrical maintenance: strings boxes, distribution boards, transformers
     and medium voltage equipment.
   - Maintenance of MMS and buildings.
   - Treatment of the soil with herbicides.
   - Continuous remote monitoring system.

   - Diagnosis by thermography.
   - Monthly Reports of preventive and corrective maintenance actions performed.
   - Analysis of the evolution of production and proposed improvements in equipment
     and facilities.

 • Administrative services.
   - Management and control of equipment guarantees .
   - Administrative and billing management.

 • Guarantees.
   - Low response time to faults and / or incidents.
   - High availability guarantee.
   - Minimum PR guarantee.

Criteris d'actuació de les operacions de Manteniment