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Storage Management (STORM)

Since 2017, Àliter Group has been working from I+D STORM project.

This concept has been awarded by the EU with the SMEI H2020 program and later with the AEI 2018 program of the Ministry of Industry. This has allowed Aliter to start the development of the first STORM prototypes.

Last March 2019, the Aliter Group team presented the first STORM prototype jointly with Innovative Business Groups and CITCEA-UPC. STORM is the beginning of a new era for the production of safe electrical energy using renewable energy and storage while maintaining safety and supply standards in the system.

It seeks to promote the exploitation of renewables and facilitate the entry of new photovoltaic plants to electrical systems worldwide, thanks to storage and communications. STORM in its first prototypes meets the requirements of the most demanding network codes and provides a safe area of ​​operation .
The STORM functionalities mark their competitiveness with frequency, voltage and power control algorithms, as well as, implementing virtual plants, monitoring, tele operation and production forecasts.

STORM alone can not interact with the photovoltaic central, the storage system and the network. It needs elements within the plant equipped with a greater degree of intelligence, therefore, prototypes called intelligent irradiation and network monitors are developed with the ability to communicate with STORM and monitor the most relevant parameters for our algorithms such as solar energy for the forecast of production, and the state of the network to correct the generation in real time, with this STORM ensures that the energy delivered to the network meets the established standards.
STORM scheme

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