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Àliter Group, innovating through the R&D NUCLIS of ACCION

Àliter Group, innovating through the R&D NUCLIS of ACCION


Aliter Group has developed a project with the aim of building a complete control system for large-scale photovoltaic plants with storage systems. This technological prototype improves the energy management of photovoltaic solar plants and has been made possible through the actions of R&D NUCLIS of ACCION.

Below is a video explaining the scope of the project:

"Whether it's wind or solar photovoltaic, we don't know for sure if the sun will shine brighter today or the wind will blow more. we can store energy and save it for tomorrow as the forecast tells me it will rain. Therefore, we supply the system with the energy it needs ", explains its CEO, Xavier Pastor.

The company is working to start marketing its solution, which has been made possible through R&D NUCLIS. "We needed to bring something more. To have a product that would give us added value and differentiate us from our competition. We saw that innovation and product development around photovoltaics could be the solution that would give us that added value." , he points out.

Today, Àliter has its own R&D team and works on various research projects in collaboration with the European Fund and ACCIÓ, among others.

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Contact details: or +34 93 252 84 53

Àliter Group

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