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Installation of solar panels in residence. Guaranteed savings on the electricity bill


Discover solar panels, their advantages and disadvantages and how they reduce your electricity bill

Does the electricity bill reach your home with very high prices? In this article we will talk about solar energy, the types of solar panels that exist and what are the advantages and disadvantages of obtaining this energy system.

What are solar panels and what types are there?

Every day, all over the world, the basic services that a person needs to live increase; and of course, the electricity rate is one of them. For this reason, people are looking for alternatives to save some money and that their wallets do not feel the impact as much. This is where the function of solar panels comes into play.

These panels are the best known type of solar energy, but not the only one. Likewise, we will be able to find three models of solar panels that you can choose from when changing the electrical energy service of your home for this new option. In this sense, we will explain what the different forms of solar panels are:

● Solar thermal panels: these use a thermodynamic process. Thus, the sun's rays will raise the temperature of the internal liquid. As this development occurs, the liquid transfers heat to the water in a tank.

● Photovoltaic solar panels: the way these panels produce solar energy is through photovoltaic effects, in which solar exposure moves the silicon electrodes and produces an electric current. In this way, photovoltaic panels produce energy through semi behavioral components.

● Concentrating solar panels: this system is carried out by parabolic mirrors, which, through their linear structure, transport the sun's rays to the receiving tube. In them, the heat fluids are transferred to a set of mirrors at high temperatures.

These are the three ways solar panels can be used today and their main features. At Àliter Group, we have been experts in photovoltaics for some years. These types of panels are currently used in the residential field. Below we will explain why.

Advantages and disadvantages of using solar panels

In the daily life of homes, photovoltaic panels allow the development of certain fundamental activities. All people must be able to carry out the activities they practice daily without any problem.

Here are some of the main advantages that you should take into account:

● This method produces a reduction in the costs that the family generates using common electrical energy.

● The source of solar energy is inexhaustible. This happens because it is constantly renewed during the day. In some cases, the use of batteries may be recommended, since most daytime hours are not usually at home.

● Does not pollute and, therefore, does not affect climate change.

Although the advantages of obtaining this type of service are very good, it is necessary to know that it also has some points to take into account. Next, we will explain each one so that you can make the best decision for you.

● The logistics of getting the modules onto the roof of buildings can be expensive. The size of the roof terraces must also be taken into account, which, on many occasions, does not allow the necessary modules to be installed to supply a community.
Even so, there are effective methods to deal with this type of inconvenience.

● Obtaining a good service will depend on weather factors and the time of year in which we find ourselves. In winter there is less energy production by solar panels because there are fewer hours of sunshine. However, it can be said that Spain has very favorable weather conditions for a good performance of solar panels.

● Although the cost may seem high, the profitability is very good because, with current electricity prices, a return on investment can be achieved in a few years.

As can be seen, although there are some disadvantages, there are more factors that favor and push to bet on residential photovoltaic solar energy. Currently there is government aid that encourages the commitment to clean energy. If you dare to value your photovoltaic plant, do not hesitate to contact us:
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