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What is Photovoltaic self-consumption and their benefits

What is Photovoltaic self-consumption and their benefits


Industrial self-consumption, is the generation of a percentage of the energy consumed by the company, through the installation of solar panels, generally on the roof of the industrial building.

In Spain, the self-consumption of electrical energy is regulated by Royal Decree 244/2019. In addition, there are different types of self-consumption depending on whether or not there is surplus and according to its potency.

Is it profitable to install a photovoltaic plant in my company?

The answer is yes. The first step is to go to a specialized company that can carry out a consumption study before proposing the best solution, since what is sought is to adapt, as much as possible, the production curve of the photovoltaic installation with that of consumption since it does not it pays to oversize the installation. The handling of surpluses must be taken into account.

The return on investment is usually around 3 to 5 years, depending on the type of project, materials, etc. They are usually quick projects to implement. Once the project is finished, you can immediately enjoy the benefits of self-consumption.

Main profits

Apart from the more obvious benefits that we have mentioned above, there are others that, being more hidden, are no less important:
  • Lower production cost, greater competitiveness: by reducing the costs of the product that we offer to our customers, we can thus offer more competitive prices in the market.
  • Improved brand image: adding a differential value and responsibility is a plus for your customers. The market is increasingly demanding and aware of everything related to ecology and renewable energy.
  • Possibility of growth: the facilities of this type of project are modular and therefore adaptable to future growth, if necessary.
  • 30-year production guarantee for the installation.
  • Use of space and easy installation on roofs: In Spain we have many hours of sunshine. If in addition to that, we take advantage of our facilities efficiently, we are talking about not making large investments in works, and instead, enjoy our photovoltaic plant.
  • Sale of surpluses: If you have a power greater than 100 kW, you can choose this option, either with your energy company, or through PPA purchase-sale contracts (Power Purchase Agreement).


Self-consumption is growing exponentially worldwide given all its benefits, however, it is important to choose a good installer who ensures support and monitoring, not only in the construction process, but also after installation.

Experience, quality and price have to be taken into account. In this way, you can benefit from a simple, profitable and innovative investment for the future of your company.

At Àliter Group we have more than 20 years in the photovoltaic market. Engineering projects have been developed nationally and internationally. Most of our clients are for industrial consumption and located in Catalan territory.

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