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FLEMING, Self-consumption PV

Domestic with batteries and recharging electric vehicle. Savings 33%, amortization 11 years. Power 9,9 kWp; 8 kW. Surface of catchment 60m2. 30 polycrystalline modules of 330 Wp. Lithium battery 30 kWh. Production 15,78 MWh/year. Reduction emissions of CO2 5.523 Kg/year.

Present the photovoltaic installation for self-consumption of 9,9 kWp of class A polycrystalline modules, and a nominal power of 8 kW with a three-phase inverter and 3 battery inverters of 3,6 kW of first brand, which we have installed in Fleming, a company located in the town of Reus, Tarragona.

The installation has been coplanar in the sheet metal cover, distributed saving chimneys and shadows; It consists of 30 polycrystalline PV modules and will allow an annual production of 15,78 Mwh/year with significant economic savings, as well as reducing emissions to the atmosphere of 5,5 tons per year of CO2.

Satisfied of having collaborated in 2019 with Fleming, from the preliminary phases, design, preparation of the project, installation, construction management, homologation and connection of your photovoltaic plant for self-consumption with lithium batteries.

FLEMING, Self-consumption PV FLEMING, Self-consumption PV FLEMING, Self-consumption PV FLEMING, Self-consumption PV FLEMING, Self-consumption PV

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