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Àliter Group

It has its own engineering team, which brings together the experience of more than 20 years developing photovoltaic projects, and specialized in the integral management of projects, all over the world.

All the projects are analyzed exhaustively, always looking for the best technical solution, maximizing production at minimum cost.
Our services begin in the preliminary phases, going through the development of the permits, the detailed design and the integral direction of the construction of the plants.

These services are:
Preliminary phase

Preliminary phase
  • Evaluation and selection of locations: irradiation, wind, hydrology; on-site and satellite measurements, access and evacuation lines
  • Feasibility, technical and economic studies; basic dimensioning of the plant
Park development

Park development
  • Complete management of the permit and license process
  • Economic and financial evaluation of the project
  • Structuring and financing of projects
  • Assistance in the negotiation of EPC, PPA and O&M contracts
Detail design

Detail design
  • Detailed engineering of plants and evacuation facilities: civil, mechanical and electrical works
  • Measurement status
  • Technical specifications
  • Quality and safety plan
  • Complete management of the documentation
Integral Construction Management

Integral Construction Management
  • Work of redefinition with the main contractist
  • Compliance monitoring according to the EPC contract: time and costs
  • Follow-up of the works: proposals for correction of deviations
  • Quality control of materials and work execution
  • Acceptance and start-up tests

Àliter Group

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