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What is it?

It is the own generation of a part of the electrical energy that is consumed, hence the name of self-consumption

Currently the regulation (RD 244/2019 of April 5) allows self-consumption of electricity generated through a photovoltaic installation, share and compensate or sell the excess generated.

The reduction of the costs of the materials necessary for the installation in recent years and the increase in the price of electricity, means that photovoltaic self-consumption facilities are profitable by themselves.
A photovoltaic installation for self-consumption is very simple: it generates no noise and its maintenance is minimal. The energy produced by the solar panels is consumed directly. When the solar panels do not produce enough due to the lack of radiation, you can continue to consume the electricity through the electrical network or storage in batteries.
Self supply scheme
How does it work?

How does it work

The photovoltaic installation supplies all the energy generated to its own consumption. The difference between demand and production is obtained from the electricity grid. At the moment when there is no solar radiation, the system is exclusively powered by the electrical network.

The surplus energy where it goes?

The surplus energy where it goes

The new regulatory framework provides for the possibility of compensation or sale of surplus generated in periods when there are no or very small consumption. Alternatively, if the producer does not want to enter the sale, an electronic device -injection inhibitor- prevents the surplus from being discharged into the network.

Could the surplus be used?

Could the surplus be used

Yes. By adding batteries to the installation, surpluses can be stored and used when necessary, mainly times of low radiation or at night.

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