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Misiones Ciencia e Innovación project and Àliter Group


Àliter Group has been selected as one of the participants in the Grants for Sectorial Strategic Initiatives of Business Innovation established by CDTI known as Science and Innovation Missions

We will participate as collaborators in two projects, on the one hand, SOLARADAPT, whose main objective is the active and intelligent management of photovoltaic solar energy production and local consumption in flexible electrical networks with digital technologies.

Consortium of companies that are part of the project:


Technology Center

In this framework, the SOLARADAPT project is presented as a key technology to promote safe, efficient and clean energy, through the development of a technological platform that enables an active demand management system, focused on the supervision and optimal control of aggregate electrical systems that allow the implementation of innovative networks in a local energy market with secure energy transactions.

As a result, an efficient, digital, transparent, flexible and sustainable energy environment is created where generators, operators and consumers securely exchange services in real time within the local community, obtaining greater energy independence. The proposed new system consists of designing and developing a software environment (platform) for the entire energy value chain. This environment will be made up of software and hardware modules with real-time monitoring and action capabilities on the managed systems, using technologies such as Big data, blockchain and Edge computing. This environment will allow the application of optimal operating strategies based on the energy, environmental and economic requirements of the market, as well as the characteristics and status of the electrical systems managed.

On the other hand, FOTOCER, whose main objective is to achieve transparent photovoltaic finishes to obtain safe, efficient and clean energy through the building envelope.

Consortium of companies that are part of the project:


Technology Centers

It consists of improving the energy efficiency of buildings through the generation of solar energy in the covering elements (ceramic facades tiles).

FOTO-CER proposes to develop transparent photovoltaic finishes, based on the combination of broadband oxides and chalcogens, with thin layers of fullerenes, on conductive ceramics. These devices based on highly transparent materials are characterized by using the UV region of the solar spectrum to produce energy and therefore do not modify the appearance of the ceramic surface, being compatible with any decorative motif.

These projects show our great commitment to research and development in the field of solar energy.

In addition to these two projects, Àliter is currently developing R&D projects related to:

• Storage: large photovoltaic plants with batteries - STORM
• Green H2: High temperature hydrolyzers coupled to photovoltaic plants - FViH2
• High-resolution irradiation prediction: AI-based techniques for intra-hour prediction of irradiation: Forecast
• DC distribution nanogrids: nXarxaCC

Àliter Group

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