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How to reduce what you pay on your electricity bill

How to reduce what you pay on your electricity bill

How to reduce what you pay on your electricity bill


Most of us pay our electricity bill without even knowing what we are paying. Well, we anticipate that the consumption we do only reflects 37% of the total invoiced. The rest of the percentage is made up of:
  • Power 13%
  • Tolls 17%
  • Coal market 5%
  • Power generation 7%
  • VAT 21%

What this means, in a nutshell, is that utilities are collecting taxes directly from consumers. The rise in electricity prices also generates a rise in product prices and therefore a reduction in consumption capacity.

However, until June 24, the VAT that was applied to electricity has gone from 21% to 10% and the 7% tax on electricity generation has been suspended for the next three months. The measure will affect those customers with a contracted power of up to 10kV and provided that the average monthly price of the wholesale market exceeds 45 euros (MHh).

Therefore, ¿what has caused this general increase in electricity prices? This is largely due to the strong increase in the international price of natural gas and the CO2 market, which have doubled prices in the last year. Gas-fired power plants are the most expensive, they enter the system when demand increases and set the price of the day to the rest of the technologies, much cheaper, such as nuclear and renewables. International commodity shortages and Russia's natural gas decisions have triggered this abysmal price hike.

While it is true that the large electricity companies do not want self-consumption to come into play, on the other hand, we cannot forget the European Green Pact signed in Paris to enshrine carbon neutrality in 2050. It is not surprising, for example, that In this year 2021, funds will be allocated to aid self-consumption.

So, if you want your company to minimize the expenses generated by electricity for its activity and, definitely, not impact the price of your product and therefore your final consumer, quote your photovoltaic plant now for free and save approximately 30% of your consumption. In addition, at Àliter Group we help you with all the procedures related to the project to be presented to request said grants.

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